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The best of Mama's Kona Coffee comes from "Kua-ola". Where all things thrive and grow.

"Ma-ka Ao'ao". Along side of our mountain

Where the voice of honey creeps of the verdant mountain

Lily Kong Sr.


Mama's Kona Coffee LLC

We have been asked why the name Mama and her family have been growing Kona coffee since the reign of the last great Hawaiian king. Our coffee is grown on the volcanic hill side of Keauhou-Kona. The coffee trees are carefully cared for and hand picked by mama, family and friends then processed the old fashion way in our coffee house that over looks the ocean.

As long as I can remember my family has farmed, cultivated, picked and sold fresh coffee cherries from our farm to the neighboring bigger coffee farms in Kona for production and sale.

During dinner one night we were trying to think up a name for our company and all the names that we came up with just didn't seem to fit, then mama started talking about the old days growing up picking coffee as a child and when she was given the land that belonged to her father by her mother. It was then that we realized that this would be a great way to continue our heritage, legacy, love and respect for mama. Thus the name "Mama's Kona Coffee".

I am Hawaiian born 4th generation Kona coffee farmer in business with my mother who has worked the family coffee land all her life. Mama says Na, anu'nu oe ka aina, ai-ana ka aina ia oe. Na Malama oe ka aina, Ka aina Ha-awi ia oe, na mea ai. Roughly translates to " Take care of the land and the land will give back. Be greedy with the land and the land will eat you up".

Mama Lily Interview Mama Lily and Lily Jr. interview for 'Aha'i Olelo Ola (Hawaiian Language TV) Dec. 2010.
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Mama's Kona Coffee LLC insures that the reputation and quality of our 100% Kona Coffee continues into the next generation.

Thank you for visiting Mama's Kona Coffee.


Lily jr.

We are proud members of the
Kona Coffee Farmers Association
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